Visualising hurricanes

The following image, constructed by John Nelson, shows the locations and intensities of hurricanes and tropical storms since 1851. It is a chillingly beautiful representation, demonstrating the unequal geographical impact of these cyclones. While the entire mainland of the Americas remains visible, with a light peppering from occasional sorties by these violent natural phenomena, the Caribbean basin is almost entirely obliterated, hidden behind a layer of repeated assault. A very potent reminder of how much this region’s history, and the ongoing problems its people face, owe to the weather.

Hurricanes since 1851

Hurricanes since 1851. © IDV Solutions

[Note: the map has been projected with Antartica in its centre, which makes for an unusual way of viewing the globe – though in this particular case, strikingly apt]


One thought on “Visualising hurricanes

  1. Jonathan, I saw these last two posts on Hurricanes. Not all of us have forgotten that hurricanes often originate or first pass through the carribean basin. See my post on Hurricaine Sandy which I made into a Photo blog challenge. Our family seems to have a relationship to hurricanes going back to 1938. Though all of us are fortunate to have lived through them. I applaud your posts. Jean-Bernard.

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