The holes left by those not with us

Mi siempre amigo, hermano Juan Carlos Flores hablando de la poesía, la distancia de los que queremos y necesitamos, y los agujeros que dejan en nuestro entorno. En anticipación del 14 Festival Poesía Sin Fin, Alamar, La Habana, Cuba.

My ever friend and brother, Juan Carlos Flores, talking of poetry, the distance of those we love and need, and the holes that they leave in our surroundings. In anticipation of the the 14th Festival of Never Ending Poetry, Alamar, Havana, Cuba.

Juan Carlos Flores


Fishing in Gibara

Photographs by Gonzalo Vidal (all rights reserved).

Bahía de GibaraThe ocean is the first sight that greets you when you arrive in Gibara. Not the wide open expanse, but the tiny fragment that lingers trapped by the curves of the coast. On the motionless bay the small boats drift, their masters still seeking to drag a precarious living out of the abandoned waters, once the route of Gibara’s wealth, now the symbol of the town’s stagnation. Continue reading

14th Festival Poesía Sin Fin

¡¡Ama tu ritmo y rima tus acciones!! Love your rhythm and rhyme your actions!!

Our friends, brothers, sisters, comrades of Omni Zona Franca, now organising the 14th Festival ‘Poesía Sin Fin’ (Endless Poetry), in Alamar, Habana del Este, Cuba. 10th to 30th December 2012.

Party of Cuban poetry! The last refuge for the movement of artists of conscience, who push for social change towards freedom and spiritual prosperity in Cuba and the world. Continue reading

Irom Chanu Sharmila

The following is a poem written by the Manipuri hunger striker, Irom Chanu Sharmila. It was translated from Manipuri to English by the Wide Angle Social Development Organisation, and originally posted on the South Asian People’s Forum blog in 2008.

Free my feet from the shackles
Like bangles made of thorn
Confined inside a narrow room
My fault lies in
Being incarnated as a bird.
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Poem by Jonathan Curry-Machado.

vi a la mejor esperanza de nuestra generación 
sancochada en cajas sementadas
	agrupadas con promiscuo abandono
	perdidas en esta selva laberíntica
		entre el mar y la ciudad
		donde árboles colonizan los edificios
		y edificios colonizan los árboles
con la mueca impúdica de una regordota enlicrada 
con remeneo obsceno de su culo Continue reading